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Best choice for an international transfer

So a bit of context, I am a 19 year old dude from India. I got 96% in my 10th grade and 89.6% in my 12th grade(got rly sick from varicella, later suffered from severe vitamin deficiencies which messed up my entrance exams to the best unis in India). I got about 1520 score in SAT and 34 in all act tests.

So I don't really have any extraordinary ecs at this point except music, a few project works, spell bee and shit like that. Did a lot of them but not anything substantial. I could (emphasis on could)probably get a few good LORs.

Not applying at the moment but my plan right now is to join a university in India. Trying for Birla Institue of Technology and Science(the entrance exams is in the month of May). I am aiming to transfer to a university in US(as far as I know only US univs have transfers, correct me if I am wrong tho).

I was thinking of purdue perhaps, considering that the fees ain't that high.

I am currently in a gap year, so perhaps once I do get into a univ here, I'd reattempt sat and act again and perhaps get perfect scores.

So which univs do you suggest(tryna major in physics)? I don't have any source of income tho but i guess fees below 50k is manageable.

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Yes, USA universities do allow transfer students- some are more transfer-friendly than others and all have different policies. I looked up info on Purdue's average SAT/ACT scores:

"The middle 50% SAT scores for admitted students at Purdue are as follows:

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 590-690

SAT Math: 600-750

The middle 50% ACT scores for admitted students at Purdue are:

ACT Composite: 25-33

Keep in mind that these ranges represent the middle 50% of admitted students, so 25% of admitted students scored below these ranges, and 25% scored above them. "

Your scores are amazing and I don't think it would be necessary to retake unless it is important to you. I also looked up private schools with physics programs (these offer substantial financial aid I was told):

Rice University

Lehigh University

Case Western Reserve University

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Check out each university to find what their individual COA is and their transfer policies!

Hope this helps :) LMK if you have more questions!


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