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School List Suggestions

chance me for t20s and suggestions pls!

demographics : asian , indian , international,

gpa : 87 % in class 10

95% in class 12th

test score : SATs ( gave some mocks and i scored good so kinda confident about this one.

intended major: physics or astronomy

extracurriculars :

wrote a book on wattpad in 2020 which got like 5k reads. (now deleted)

made an awareness video for covid and shared on public platforms.

did a ''swachhta abhiyan'' mission in my colony on gandhi jayanti . basically a cleanliness mission .

worked as blogger on a discord community.

made a mechanical rover .

attended yale , brown , and some colleges's summer programs on physics major.

Planning to write a thesis.

worked as a volunteer and helped orphan kids in distributing clothes and food.

taught underprivileged kids simplified physics.

led a community on discord that worked on wattpad which dealt with reviewing , judging , making designs , banners etc.

looked after my brother because my parents are mostly out for work.

self taught pianist for 1.5 years.

self taught dancer for almost like 7-8 years.

attended few summer programs on physics major.


nsep awardee.

got a scholarship for my coaching.

school award for 100 marks in physics .

certificate from higher government official for distinct performance in boards.

qualified spell bee for 2nd round.

anthe <1000 rank.

some local awards for competitions.

Chance me for ivies.

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24 days ago

Just use collegevine's ai. Your app seems really good, so you'll probably have a good chance.

🎤24 days ago

is it really accurate ? bcs on reddit i asked some people who are aware of this matter and they chanced me really badly bruv :( im scared kinda

24 days ago

Ngl so am I. But unless you won the nobel prize and the world cup for your nation, a 20-25% chance at ivies is the best you can do. Also, the ai doesn't factor in letters of rec or your essay, so those will boost your chances


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