5 months ago
School List Suggestions

I am not sure what to do

Hi guys my name is Anshu.

A bit of a context:

As of now, I am not 100% sure of what major I want to and what colleges I can pursue.

Demographics- Asian, Indian, Currently living in Illinois, Applying as an International student

Grade- Sophmore in Highschool

Majors (still deciding, would appreciate recommendations)-

1. Astronomy/Astrophysics, 2. Quantum Mechanics, 3. Aerospace Engineering, 4. Physics, 5. Mathematics

GPA- 3.9

SAT (predicted)- 1550

Taking 7 APs by junior year and 12 APs by Senior with most other classes being honors/weighted.

Self-Studying 1 AP


Leader in Finance Club

Founder of Ping Pong Club

Member of Student Government

Member of Math, Science, and English National Honors Society

Member of Peer Tutoring

Summer Pre-college program (going to do)

Volunteer at a local charity to provide food for children

50+ Hours of volunteering

Working on starting a non-profit program

Personal Achievement:

I started to work out at the end of freshman year and achieved a healthier body style by losing 30 lbs of fat and dropping my weight to 170.

Colleges on my list from most desired to least:


Georgia Tech

University of Chicago





I would appreciate any recommendations regarding anything that may be helpful.


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5 months ago

I think the best way to decide is to learn more about those majors and see what interests you more. For example, you could be interested in string theory and go into quantum mechanics, or you might want to find out how the universe will end and go into astrophysics.

Another thing you can do is to make a list of 5-10 things that are important to you for your major. Then, you rate each category out of ten in importance. For example,

Salary = 8

Hours = 6

Room for growth in the field = 4

Then, rate the major based on those categories from 1 to whatever you rated that category. So for astrophysics, you might have

Salary = 6/8

Hours = 5/6

Room for growth in the field = 4/4

Then, square all of the scores. This means you get

Salary = 36/64

Hours = 25/36

Room for growth in the field = 16/16

Add up the scores and divide by the most possible.

Scores = 77/116 = 0.66

Now you have a percentage (66%). Do this for every major and sort them from greatest to least.

Hope this helps


5 months ago

I made a post about choosing a major that may be helpful for you!



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