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Hi there! I am currently a junior and I want to go into Ag Education, the only problem is that there is only one college in my home state that offers ag education, I geuss what I'm really trying to ask is: How many colleges should I apply to? I have a list of 6 and I think that it is a pretty good start; I even have them sorted into pricing and that kind of thing. Please let me know so I can get a better understanding and can really get started on a good solid list since I can apply to college in a few months! Another question is: How do I decide on what college to go to?

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Hi @baimarie_15!

This really depends on the person. I may only apply to 1 school because I know I will get in. Period. I know that may sound boastful, but the truth is that I am applying to a safety school. That college is the only one I REALLY want to go to, so why waste my time on other colleges. This means I can focus on the single application so it's the best!

If you don't have that #1 choice you really want, then you will need several schools to choose from. 6 is a great number of schools-in my mind, a lot, but I am in a unique situation-just make you have a good range of "chances" you could get in. It is important to not only apply to reach schools; if you get into none, you are stuck. So have some target or safety schools on hand.

Then, when choosing a school, there are a ton of things to consider! I recommend sitting down and making a chart of pros and cons for each school. How close to home do you want to be? What can you afford? Most importantly, which school will best train you for a successful career and the direction you want to head? Does jumping on the college's website excite you? Visiting schools can help you understand what atmosphere you like- big or small? Party or studious?

Once you understand your priorities and preferences, then it gets easier. I ended up choosing a "lower" university because they had a horticulture program (Delaware Valley University-a very good agriculture school) that excited me and would prepare me for the area I want to work in. It's not about rank or prestige but about what will do you the most good. College is a big investment; you want to choose something that will teach you exactly what you want to learn. Explore the programs very closely through the websites- which one will help you achieve your dreams?

Hope this helps! Please lmk if there is anything I can do to help you more :)

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