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Hello, my name is Avery Powers, I am currently a junior at Huntington High School in East Texas. Recently I’ve had a lot of different future career changing obstacles. I first wanted to pursue a career in cosmetics just like every other high school girl because I love doing hair and it sounded amazing that it could be the thing I do for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, the cosmetology industry doesn’t pay very well, especially for the first few years. So it became clear that it wasn’t a very good option for me any longer. So I’ve done lots and lots of research and had many talks with my mother about colleges and careers and I’ve been leaning toward becoming a NP or a Nurse Practitioner. But not just, a NP, an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. Because then I can enjoy myself doing facials and chemical peels and all that jazz and still be making enough money to live on my own; not being paycheck to paycheck. The only issue I’m having is that we don’t really have a bunch of money to send me to some really big college which thankfully, I didn’t want to go to a huge one anyways. But even tuition for smaller schools can be way out of budget or they don’t even have a medical program at all. I need help with scholarships, how to apply and get them, if I’m even eligible to apply, which ones to apply too, literally everything. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and if you have help, thank you even more! :)

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I'm currently in the scholarship search process, and I've found scholarship search sites really helpful! Going Merry is one that matches you with a bunch of scholarships from all over, but there are also local organizations that help students in their area find local scholarships. Your counselor will probably be able to give you some good information on these! What my counselor's told me is that local scholarships are what you really want to apply to because there're a lot fewer people competing for them. Also that people also tend to avoid scholarships that require essays, so there will also be a smaller applicant pool and less competition for scholarships requiring essays. It seems like a good way to go with scholarships is to apply to a whole bunch of small, local scholarships, and to especially apply to scholarships that are very specific to your interests and circumstances. It's probably still worth a shot send applications to one or two bigger, more competitive scholarships too!


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