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Balancing College Sports with a good College

My name is Xander N. and I do Online High School at George Washington University, and I am also a competitive golfer. I compete on my varsity team at a local high school, and I am certainly the best player on my team. However, I am not sure I am good enough to get a scholarship at a school that I want to attend. How should I go about this? ie, weighing my chance to go to a school that really want to attend, compared to allowing myself to go out of my way to attend a school that I may not like to be at just because they offer me a "miniscule" scholarship, but are not in the location and don't have the curriculum that I'm want.

Just any help anyone can give would be great. It may help me decide if I want to pursue my golf considering I am not sure I'm good enough to make it to the highest levels. BUT, I do have a 4.0 GPA.



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I recommend shooting for the scholarship. Apply to the university you really want to attend but also apply to a few backup schools just in case the dream school is out of question affordability.

Consider what is more important to you- less loans or the education that you really want? In the long run, which will benefit you more- scholarships or training for your career?

There is also the option of starting at a different university and then transferring into your dream university later if they offer more scholarships for transfer students.

No matter what you do (if your dream school offers the scholarship or you begin at a different university), keeping your grades and course rigor will be vital. If your dream school gives you the scholarship, there will a GPA minimum you must maintain. If you transfer, they will look at your college grades to see if you have truly proved yourself worthy.

Oh, another option is exterior scholarships. Apply for scholarships not connected to particular universities. Choose scholarships that are in your realm of interest or where you have strength. EG, if you are a great writer, essay scholarships are worth the effort more than one-click wonder no-essay scholarships.

Hope this helps and lmk if you have any questions!


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thanks for the info. nice to hear an opinion and ideas from someone else.


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