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I am currently a sophomore in High School and am planning to go to UT. I have a 4.0 GPA and a 27 on my practice ACT but mediocre extracurriculars. I have stayed in contact with UT for a hot minute now, but I am also considering other colleges such as Alabama and Georgia. I have everything figured out and want to major in Mechanical Engineering. What should I do in the meantime between now and senior year?

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Pursue your passion! If you absolutely love mechanical engineering, start getting involved in related ECs. This is what makes high school fun BUT demonstrates your early interest- very appealing to colleges. Explore the field and either you will love it more or decide you want to do something else. It's ok to change your mind about your major or even the school you want to attend. I will say that I decided what college I wanted to attend in sophomore year, too, though, so I understand :)

But like I said, one way to get your ECs to stand out is to simply do what you love. This is good for your mind and body, too. Having fun things you enjoy allows you to relax, recalibrate, and refresh. For me personally, doing ECs I love has kept me alert and a better student. I pay attention and feel very self-motivated because I have a bigger goal than getting through a day; I am preparing for my fantastic future career! Dive into your interests and just watch yourself grow. You will be way more prepared for your career and life in general!

Hope this is helpful and lmk if you have any more questions. Happy highschooling!

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Thank you, I greatly appreciate your input!


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Thank you


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