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Asking for suggestions about college choices

As an 11th grader with a 3.39 cumulative GPA(unweighted), member of 4 clubs, no awards, participated in "China Thinks Big" and got up to the national forum, plain AP scores ( no 5, some 4s ); Captain of Flag football team, player of school basketball team; my ideal major: Political Science; since I will be applying to colleges soon, my question is: what colleges should I apply to during the application season, especially EDs? No preferences on locations, tuition fees, and weather stuff.

(really appreciate anyone who can give helpful advice)

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2 months ago

I recommend using Ivy assistant to suggest colleges with political scienc programs. OR Collegeboard (administrating co of AP and SAT) has the BigFuture college search tool. You put all your stats and preferences. It is amazing and super helpful. My biggest tip with BigFuture is to individually look up each college to make sure they have political science-sometimes the search suggests schools with related programs but not the actual program. Then you can check out each school to see what the program involves and if it excites you or not.

Hope this helps! lmk if you have any questions


2 months ago

I'd suggest Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Washington and Lee, or Boston College. They typically have some good PS programs. Obviously if you want a stretch Georgetown is great for political science but quite competitive.


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