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Should I do in or out of state

Hi, I am currently in highschool and have been trying to decide if I want to go to college in my state or out of it. I have always wanted to leave my state and have never felt connected to it. I want to go enjoy and try living somewhere new. the issue is most colleges are worth so much more money attending out of state. So should I do college in my state then leave or go to college out of state and live a new life sooner?

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apply for both and just see where the scholarships fall and how you can prevent going into too much debt


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I'd suggest that you should tour/virtual tour college campuses to try and get a feel for where you want to go. Who knows - maybe you'll like sitting around at one specific spot in the college library and think, "Hm, I belong here."

While I agree that in-state college can be cheaper, I didn't want to leave my state for college up until I realized how little options were available. If cost is a concern, I suggest applying at schools that guarantee 100% of your demonstrated need. This essentially means that they'll pay for anything you can't, and then you cover the rest. Every dollar counts these days, so these colleges can be a game changer if you want an out-of-state experience.

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I would agree! With the added motivation of not wanting to stay in state, I would search for colleges that meet 100% demonstrated need along with applying for scholarships or organizations that can help you with paying for college. Virtual tours along with YouTube videos of current or old students can help you get a clearer view of the college without actually visiting.


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