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What is the best University for CS and Buisness?

I'm a freshman in high school graduating in 2027. I'm aiming for a major in Computer Science or Data analysis and a minor in business. I'm going to be the first person in my family to attend college in america, and i'm the oldest out of my siblings, so i don't know what colleges I should attend. I'm currently relying on google but i want to hear people's personal opinions and experiences at universities. The universities I'm currently looking at are UC Berkeley, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and UT Austin. Although i really want to go to yale, i'm still looking at other choices. Please let me know if these are good universities for CS and Business, and yes i'm aware that some of the universities don't offer minors. Also, please provide recommendations for other universities i should look at and if anyone has any experience, please share. I'm still indecisive between Data Science and Computer science, if you have any preferences between these two, please comment. Thanks :)

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Stanford University: Offers a top-ranked CS program and a well-respected Graduate School of Business. (For undergraduate business minors, consider exploring relevant management or entrepreneurship programs)

Harvard University: Houses a highly-ranked John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for CS and a world-renowned Harvard Business School .

University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley): Houses the highly-ranked College of Engineering for CS and a strong Haas School of Business .

While rankings offer a starting point, consider these factors for a more holistic approach:

Specific program strengths: Research the curriculum, faculty expertise, and specializations offered in both CS and business programs.

Location and campus culture: Consider factors like university size, location, and the overall student body vibe.

Financial aid and scholarships: Explore scholarship opportunities and financial aid packages offered by each institution.

Internship and career opportunities: Investigate internship connections and career support services provided by the universities.

Your personal preferences: Consider factors like campus size, location, extracurricular activities, and overall fit for your interests.

Beyond rankings:

Look beyond top-ranked institutions: Many universities offer excellent CS and business programs without being at the very top of rankings. Explore colleges that might be a better fit academically, financially, and culturally.

Consider specialized programs: Some universities might offer unique combined CS and business degrees or minors specifically tailored to your interests like "Information Technology Management" or "Entrepreneurial Engineering."

Finding the "best" college for you is a personal journey. Explore various options, consider all factors, and prioritize your needs and preferences to make an informed decision.


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Stevens Institute of Technology is pretty high ranked for their programs, especially for business. They have programs for both Computer Science and Business. They also have Data science program, though I think its graduate school level. They are located nearby New York City, so that's a career advantage.

Also, don't stress too much about college searches right now. You have time to develop your preferences and experiment with your interests. Just keep your ears open, ask questions, and you'll go far. :)

Hope that helps!

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Ohh ok, Thanks :)


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University of Washington at St. Louis has a pretty good CS X Business program as well! If you're leaning more to Data Science definitely check out Northwestern.

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Ohh ok, thanks :)


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