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I am currently a sophomore in high school and would love to play women's lacrosse is college. I got moved up to jv as an 8th grader and am currently play my 3rd year as a starter as well as a 2 year captain. Any advice to help would be appreciated

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Ok so i just saw your post on wanting to be an orthopedic surgeon. Given that you seem super likely to go D1 due to your stats as an underclassman, you have a good lineup of prestigious schools. I'd recommend going in for bio on a pre-med track but I've heard of people going in with chem of psych majors on pre med.

Some schools that have premed programs and D1 Wlax:

- Johns Hopkins U (7.3% acceptance)

- Tufts U (10.1%)

- Any of the ivies, technically (10% and under)

- UMich (20%)

- Michigan State (88%)

- Notre Dame (13%)

While D1 schools will give you the most money to play for them, they also usually have bigger time commitments for practices and training. If you want a rigorous major with the intent of going into the medical field, it might be a struggle trying to balance your time. However, I'm sure that a number of D2/D3 schools would be itching to give you scholarships to play for them, and those schools don't usually have as much of a time commitment.

I'm a chronically JV player on a top 20 team in the US- a lot of my D1 bound teammates committed early in their junior year. That being said, you should start reaching out to your counselor to make plans. Go to informational sessions if your school offers them, make contact via email with coaches/admissions from possible schools, make sure you have highlight reels of your playing ready to go. I also recommend that during games, you wear something that makes you distinguishable from other teammates (neon colored hair ties, cleats, etc) so your possible recruiters could easily scout you.

Hope this helps!

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Do you know of any great d2 or d3 schools that would fit for me?


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