29 days ago
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Liberal or Hippie Outfoor Colleges?

I’m interested in more liberal carefree colleges or nature colleges. Does anyone know of any?

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28 days ago

Here are some top picks from the outbound:

1. Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina

2. Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia

3. Boise State University in Boise, Idaho

4. College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine (personal fav ;)

5. Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont

6. Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana

Hope these help!!!

18 days ago

Definitely check out Lewis and Clark! It’s super gorgeous and outdoorsy and they have these amazing hiking trails on campus. If you are looking for a more alternative school Hampshire college is super hippie and out of the box, they literally don’t even give grades

25 days ago

university of vermont!!!! it's infiltrated with hippes and values nature

16 days ago

Warren Wilson College (North Carolina)

Located near Asheville, NC

Offers outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and skiing

Known for environmental sustainability programs

Evergreen State College (Washington)

Located near Olympia, WA

Situated in Pacific Northwest with hiking, kayaking, and skiing

Emphasizes interdisciplinary studies and social justice

College of the Atlantic (Maine)

Located in Bar Harbor, ME

Coast of Maine with sailing, hiking, and wildlife observation

Focuses on human ecology and environmental stewardship

Prescott College (Arizona)

Located in Prescott, AZ

Surrounded by Prescott National Forest with hiking and rock climbing

Known for experiential education and social justice commitment

New College of Florida (Florida)

Located in Sarasota, FL

Offers kayaking, beachcombing, and nature trails

Emphasizes independent study and interdisciplinary learning

Bennington College (Vermont)

Located near Bennington, VT

Rural Vermont with hiking, skiing, and outdoor recreation

Known for progressive education and creativity focus

Naropa University (Colorado)

Located in Boulder, CO

Surrounded by Rocky Mountains with hiking and skiing

Emphasizes contemplative education and social activism

Hampshire College (Massachusetts)

Located in Amherst, MA

Scenic Pioneer Valley with hiking and biking

Known for student-centered education and experiential learning

Reed College (Oregon)

Located in Portland, OR

Pacific Northwest with hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures

Emphasizes intellectual inquiry and interdisciplinary study

Oberlin College (Ohio)

Located in Oberlin, OH

Rural setting with hiking and birdwatching

Known for progressive values and arts programs

25 days ago

One I like that has acres of land and if you study outdoor sciences most of your classes will be outdoors but they also have great academics is sewanee university of the south its in Tennessee

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