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School List Suggestions

Anglophile in the US

Background: I eventually want to gain British citizenship, and I believe that the best way to do that is to start the 5-year-on-visa by studying there.

I looked into the program options, and would like some advice on which schools to apply to.

Program(s) That I Want To Take: Geographic Information Systems, European History, Politics

I am also into: Teaching, Media/Video Editing

Preferred Location (I hope I did this correctly.): Westminster London, London, Greater London Area, England

End Goal "Profession": History Teacher/Politician/Diplomat...

Please suggest university ideas.

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27 days ago

Here's some London universities that all offer at least one of those programs:

King's College London


Queen Mary University of London

University of Westminster

London School of Economics and Political Science

City, University of London

Looking at the UCAS website (which you'll have to apply through) is very helpful when thinking of where to study in the UK, and it has plenty of advice on how to complete that application as well as information on all universities and subjects. One thing to keep in mind is that you apply for a particular degree program (eg. Geography, History, Politics) in the UK rather than just applying to a university. This allows you to specialise in your subject from the outset and complete your Bachelor's degree in three years.

You are also expected to demonstrate why you want to study your subject in the personal statement (essay), which you can only write one of, so typically just one subject would be applied for at a few universities (you can apply to 5 programs in the UK at most).

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck in your college applications and exams.

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Yes, I did start looking at the UCAS, and it, to me, was a little bit confusing to research and find a program. However, I did understand that part, that you applied to a specific program, instead of a university.

But thank you!


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