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Hi! I am a freshman in high school, I graduate in 2027. I know I have plenty of time, but I would like to have a general idea of where I might attend. I don't care about going to a super prestigious school, and I would prefer an instate school (Illinois). I am not 100% on what I am going to major in, but I'm thinking something in business, probably marketing. I obviously haven't taken any AP classes yet or taken the SAT, but I got a 990 on my 8th grade PSAT (Haven't taken it this year). I get almost all A's with a B sometimes. I live in a suburb outside of Chicago, and would love to live in Chicago. Here are some schools I have looked at: University of Illinois Chicago, Depaul University (My parents went there), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. I do like some farther schools, but I would prefer instate. I participate in 2 clubs and 2 sports at school, but I do not plan on playing a sport in college. If anyone has a recommendation or has enjoyed one of these schools, advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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the university of Chicago is always a great choice

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Hi! I am also a freshmen in IL and these are good schools. I would recommend looking at financial aid and cost. Continue in those clubs you are in because leadership positions always look good. Let me know of you want to connect.

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