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Is the IB Diploma Programme worth it?

I am a sophomore and I plan on doing the IB Diploma Programme next year. My main reason for this is because I have heard that it is very helpful for getting into top universities, but also because I think I will enjoy the learning style better. However, I know that the IB DP is a lot of work and is not for the weak.

My question is: Is the IB DP worth all that I have been told in terms of college admissions?

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Hi! I am currently a junior taking IB courses, and for the most part, I can say that, yes, the IB program is certainly challenging! Still, it comes with the perk of being recognized globally as an incredibly rigorous course, ultimately giving students like myself notable recognition in the college process. As this is my first year taking the IB, I can say that so far, it does not seem as difficult as people make it to be, and I would compare my HL classes to the equivalent of taking AP/honors classes (even though IB is recognized as a more rigorous course than AP) However, I think that senior year when I have to take the IB exams, submit my IB essays, and all those other quirks that come with taking the IB, things will certainly feel much more difficult...Ultimately, though, if you are looking for that leg up in education and are determined, I say go for it! If I'm being frank, when I learn that someone has attended an IB school or achieved an IB diploma, I instinctively attribute intelligence to them– but good grades, whether IB or AP, Honors, or whatever, accompanied by strong extracurriculars and essay, are seen as great in anyone eyes.


22 days ago

I personally think that IB is very rigorous and a perfect fit for applying into universities because it not only offers normal subjects, but also includes extended essays, internal assessments, and theory of knowledge. Even though the IB is much easier than A-Levels, but it offers a multi-cultural thinking which really improves and gives you the opportunity to strive and adapt quickly into a multi-cultural environment which is really important if you want to get into top universities.


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