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College List! Please help!

I'm a junior in high school and I want to pursue anesthesia in hopes of getting my PhD, but I'm not so sure on where to go. I'd preferable like to go to an HBCU ( I'm a black girl ) but I just feel lost, any suggestions? Here's a bit about me as of April 2024...

- 4.4 GPA Weighted

- 3.9 GPA Unweighted

- PSAT October 2022- 1020

- National Honor Society Member- 1 year

-Math Honor Society Member- 1 year

- Student Government Association ( Class of '25 Treasurer)- 2 years

- Leo Club- 2 years

- African American Culture Club- 1 year

- Varsity Cheerleader- 3 years

I still have to take the SAT and AP tests, and I've recently taken the March PSAT ( still waiting for scores )

I've looked into these schools

Howard University

Hampton University

Auburn University

University of Pittsburg

The Pennsylvania State University

The University of Texas at Austin

Please leave lots of feedback!!!! I need help!!! (Suggest colleges and whether the ones above are reasonable!!)

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