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I am currently a Grade 7(going on 8) student interested in finding university suggestions early so I can prepare. I am interested in a major in theater/acting for a BFA and a minor in digital/media arts. Any suggestions? At the moment, I am thinking of Juilliard, Rutgers' Mason Gross School of the Arts, UConn, and NYU.

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I recommend using Collegeboard's Big Future college search engine. Collegeboard is the organization that adminsters SAT, PSAT, CLEP, and AP. I am not sure if your age will affect your ability to create an account...it may only be for high school on up. In any case, it is a essential tool to keep in mind for later.

I am not familiar with either programs so I used Ivy assistant to create a list of suggestions. Be sure to check and make sure each college actually has the major and minor you want.

New York University (NYU) - Tisch School of the Arts

University of Southern California (USC) - School of Dramatic Arts

Carnegie Mellon University - School of Drama

Boston University - School of Theatre

University of North Carolina School of the Arts - School of Drama

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) - School of Theater

Emerson College - Department of Performing Arts

DePaul University - The Theatre School

Syracuse University - Department of Drama

Pace University - School of Performing Arts

Hope this helps and lmk if you any more questions.

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Thank you! This is extremely helpful.


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