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I'm a Sophomore in high school and want to become an Astrophysicist. I took 2 years (this being the second) of foreign language and I don't know if I should take a third year of it. If I choose, I have the option to take AP French. I honestly don't enjoy the French class I'm currently taking, but I'm scared if I don't do a third year it will limit my options for college. I'm aiming to get into Berkeley or Cal Tech so I'm not sure if not doing another year will affect my chances. I planned to take 3 science classes senior year but by taking AP French, I could only do 2 since I still need to complete an economics class (class schedule issues). Any suggestions on what I should do would be really helpful. :,)

These are my current stats:

-4.1 weighted GPA

-3.76 unweighted GPA

-Gaming club 1 yr

-Art club 2 yrs

-Pride club 2 yrs (club officer 1 yr)

-Creative writing club 2 yrs

-PSAT 2023 980

-haven't taken the AP exam yet

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3 months ago

Hey :) I’m also in 10th on the same path. My route for this is 4 years of Spanish, and taking all the science classes my school offers (unfortunately only 6 with AP Physics). I’ll also be taking math through AP calc. Economics can typically be taken online, but if you had to I’d drop a science credit rather than a language credit. Also, studying to get your PSAT up will really help.

Lmk if you have any questions and good luck!


3 months ago

I definitely recommend taking the foreign language. I know you don't enjoy it but it is essential to your application that you have 4 years of a foreign language. Also, just interested in what science classes you're taking in senior year; 3 seems like a lot. If you need to, look at summer class options.

🎤3 months ago

Senior year I wanted to take Honors College General Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and Material Science (already gonna take AP Physics). Thanks for the recommendations! I'll definitely be looking into taking summer courses.


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