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Looking for targets for my school list!

I am currently a sophomore in southern Utah looking to find target schools in the Northeast section of the United States (basically New England: think New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, etc...). I'm looking to go into Nursing to be a Nurse in the ER, or biology with a specification in cells and genes to pursue the possibility of being a Geneticist! I love cold temperatures and small towns, but I'm willing to be flexible. I have a large list of safeties and a smaller list of reaches, but I'm looking for a few targets to add to my list. Here are some of my stats as of now:

PSAT Score: 1390 Composite: 680 Math, 710

GPA: 4.0 my entire life, will likely not change.

Predicted ACT Score: 32

AP Courses: 4 planned in my Junior year (AP Psych, AP Calc, AP Lang, and AP Chem) with more in my Senior year

6 Total Years of Foreign Language by the end of my Junior Year

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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I would definitely recommend Duke or Johns Hopkins if you're wanting to go into any type of medicinal field. As for schools that are closer to being of "target" status, University of Iowa, University of Rochester, University of Maryland, UMass Amherst, Fairfield University, University of Pittsburgh and University of Virginia are good options as well. Hope this helps!


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Perfect schools would probably be Fairfield University (CT), University of Rochester (NY), University of Connecticut, Penn State, or Binghampton University, SUNY (NY). Hope this helps!


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