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Hello! I am a junior in Maryland that is looking to be a physical trainer through majoring in kinesiology or exercise science, then getting my DPT. I'd prefer a school with nicer temperatures (65-80 F), but not too hot or humid since I am also a runner. I also value a school with a good amount of club sports, and being close to a city.

My sophomore year my GPA of about 3.8 UW was messed up due to a rough home life and mental health, and I am in the process of bringing it back up.

Unweighted: 3.1563 (3.3 predicted by end of sophomore year)

Weighted: 3.8125

Rank: 71/346 (20.5%), 10th grade

SAT: 1330, 680 RW 650 Math

PSAT: 1300, 670 RW, 630 Math

ACT: 28

AP: AP Stat (4), APWH (4), AP Envi Sci (4)

total honors (by senior year): 11

total ap (by senior year): 10


- Varsity Cross Country (Captain/MVP)

- Varsity Track and Field

- AV Club/Morning Announcements

- All-County Orchestra

- Military Club Member

- Student Government Association Member

- Fellowship of Christian Athletes Member

- Harford Glen Outdoor Environmental Education Volunteer Camp Counselor

- Summer Administration Job at Local Driving School, 2 years

- US Military Academy West Point Summer Leaders Experience

- US Air Force Academy Summer Seminar

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