3 months ago
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good schools for enviromental science/ecology and evolutionary bio?

im trying to find schools with strong environmental or ecology and evolutionary bio programs (and also some wildlife conservation programs, but not really a priority tbh)

most of the reccomendations i see online are like ivies or are crazy competitive which is kinda sucky!

i have a 1300 psat score, waiting on my SAT scores and around a 3.5 UW, but im working to bring that up to a 3.7 if i can

here are some schools i've seen so far that i've liked their programs!!

cu boulder

colorado state university

SUNY college of environmental science and forestry

university of vermont (sadly, too expensive for an out of stater like me, but really liked their programs!)

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2 months ago

Don't give up on Vermont due to the sticker price - you never know what they may offer in aid. Also check out UMASS Amherst's Department of Environmental Conservation. University of Illinois Urbana Champaign has a Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior within their school of Integrative Biology. University of Rochester offers a BS in Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BEB) Track. Those are all on our list, as well as SUNY ESF and Vermont. Hope that helps! Good luck!

3 months ago

Check out Delaware Valley University! I am hoping to go there for horticulture- they started as a farm school, so they are VERY well established in science fields (like environmental science) and they even have some wildlife conservation related classes, I think. They are not a highly competitive school (almost anyone applying is accepted).

Lmk if you have any questions about the school! I personally really love their hands-on training approach and small, friendly/family feeling.

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