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Any good colleges for computer science engineering (ECS)

"I'm a high school senior with a 3.5 GPA (possibly rising to 4.0), and an SAT score of 1390. My school doesn't offer honors or AP classes, and extracurricular opportunities are limited. I'm interested in pursuing computer science engineering. Can you suggest good schools that would be a good fit for my profile

-I play badminton for fun.

-I was the lead performer for our school play.

-Created a robotic dog for the school's robotics fair.

-I organized a nationwide program in India in collaboration with CBSE and global participation from Google Cloud, the UN, NASA, etc.

-I have a leadership role as a media coordinator in my school's environmental club, the Prakriti Club, organizing various audits throughout the state and making our school the best at doing so.

-I participated in the school MUN, representing two countries, Japan and Sweden, for the Security Council and the International Security Committee of the General Assembly.

-I participated in the Lifology Youth Ambassador Program, a year-long internship with the Lifology Foundation. I initiated different career counseling programs in southern India and the UAE schools.

-Secured a third-place victory in my school's Hindi Read Aloud competition.

-Done different courses with UNESCO MGEIP, embracing knowledge of environmental sustainability and the upcoming job crisis.

-I attended a workshop on 'AI with Leadership Skills & Careers' hosted by Symbiosis International Group, Dubai. The session covered topics such as the future of AI leadership, career pathways, and professional networking

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