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Should I apply to colleges out of my home state or should I try to stay in my home state?

Hi guys, I am a rising high school senior, I plan to major in Theater and performing arts. I'm having some trouble deciding if I want to apply to more colleges in my home state and close to home or if I want to apply to more colleges out of state and far from home. And just for the record, I intend to live on-campus no matter where I attend college because I want the "college experience". I do know that if I go somewhere in my home state, I can apply for a few different scholarships and some financial aid, but if I go out of state, I won't be able to apply for some of these things. Any advice or suggestions?

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You should mix it up. If you aren't dead set on one or the other, you should apply to schools that offer academics you want regardless of location. At the same time, sprinkle in-state schools where you think you could receive financial aid. Keep in mind that your FAFSA estimates will vary, for the most part, based on school and less on location. It's better to give yourself more options that correlate with your specific academic interests if you don't have a strong conviction one way or another.


17 days ago

Look for programs you like, and focus on those. It all depends on several factors- cost, and if you'd be more comfortable being as far from home. If you like the stuff out-of-state, do that, but maybe apply to some in-state as well. Hope this helps!


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