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Recommend me some target and safeties

Hi everyone! It would be nice if you all could look at my profile and recommend some targets and safeties. I am super confused about whether a college qualifies as a target or a safety for me based on my profile.

P.S.: I am international and graduated HS in my national curriculum this year.

Class rank: 5/ 105

AP: Only one school in our country offers AP. I will be sitting for the AP exam next year, taking Microecon, Macroecon, Calculus AB( They don't offer BC), and Statistics.

SAT- 1540


EFC: 20k max per year

Intended major: Economics

Extracurriculars and Honors( Just mentioning the ones I thought worth mentioning):

1. Vice President of School Literature Club

2. Cofounded the language club in the school where I went for 9th and 10th grade( went to a separate school for 11th and 12th, it's the practice in our country)

3. Running my own blog page where I write mainly on topics related to Economics

4. Representing my country in World Economics Cup

5. Won a tier-1 and a tier-2 international essay competition and received special mention from a few other

6. Self-learned Spanish

7. Working on a research paper on behavioral economics

8. Volunteered with a school for special children and mainly worked with students with Autism

9. Participated in 7-8 online MUNs and won a few awards

10. Made it to the top 50 of the National Earth Science Olympiad (couldn't attend the next round because the schedule overlapped with World Economics Cup selection)

11. Was school champion in Math Olympiad and represented my school in a national competition

12. Received merit scholarship at National Board Exam

13. Completed some externships related to finance and business+ some work simulation on Forage

14. Worked as a writer for two nonprofits, unpaid work.

Besides, I have some more volunteering experience, involvement with performing arts, and self-studying.

It would be genuinely nice if you guys suggested some good target and safety schools for me based on this, and please no hate speech. Thanks in advance! :))

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Perhaps a good safety would be a paid position at the Bureau of Economic affairs...

But honestly, you have a very strong profile. The only issue is how competitive, as you are undoubtedly already aware, college admissions are for international students. For a serious safety, I'd say Arizona State University is a good one. You should not have a problem getting in there, and their honors program is actually quite strong. In general, you can expect good results from state flagship institutions; while most have quotas for in-state students, they tend to be decently favorable to international students due to their large size. I believe Purdue University, Rutgers University, University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska, and Boston University are all favorable to international students while maintaining strength in economics. Tulane University, Macalester College, Davidson, and Hillsdale college are also lesser known institutions that excel at the programs you're looking into. Tulane in particular tends to be generous with financial aid.

Hope this helps.


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