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Hi everyone! As I am nearing the end of my junior year, two schools really interest me, UF and UCF. Having done a lot of research, there are pros and cons to both, so I need some other advice from students in the same position as I or students at those universities. Thank you in advance!!

Edit: adding more info for context. I’m a straight A student, with a weighted gpa of 5.0 as of right now. Both schools have a major I am interested in, so that is something I am challenged with for decisions. I am also a Florida resident, who will have bright futures. If anyone was accepted into UF and UCF, what made you choose one or the other?

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@arielUC253 years ago

Are you planning to apply to both?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@kaitlynbooch3 years ago

Yes I am!

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3 years ago

So I'm not super knowledgable about the nitty gritty details about both but here's my checklist.

Does UF/UCF have at least 2 majors (that are accredited) that you are interested in?

Do you like a college-town atmosphere?

Do you like being in a big city?

Can you afford UF/UCF?

If both schools have your major is one more prestigious and does prestige matter?

Is SEC sports a big deal?

Is there something one school has that the other doesn't that you really want?

Does diversity matter?

As it seems like you are an in-state resident do you know if your friends are attending one and does that matter? Distance from home? Is that important?

Also definitely visit campus (when safe) and ask do I prefer one and if so is it by how much? I haven't gotten to that stage but campus is a huge factor for people when they commit.

Also note both are very large research schools (top 10 in US by enrollment) and that UF admits about high 30%s and UCF is low 40%s so Id definitely think of a back up 2 good ones in my mind is FAU and FIU. You will have to weigh them by what you value most. Hope this helps and comment if you'd like more detail. I'd be happy to help.

2 years ago

Curious what you chose? What were the decisive factors? Number of accredited majors, campus status? Or something else?

3 years ago

UF all the way! UF is my #1 in-state school and my #2 overall. With your grades, it sounds like you have a great chance to get into UF and I feel that UF is better academic wise. UCF is a great school, but UF is just a better one. I also prefer UF because of the campus (I love old, brick campuses). I'm not the biggest fan of modern campuses, so definitely take that into your consideration as well! Also, if you are looking to pursue medicine or engineering, UF is an amazing school for those. Especially medicine since Shands Hospital is right there. I have not been accepted yet haha, but I hope I was able to help a little bit by sharing my opinion. :)

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