10 months ago
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Penn State- UP VS. UMD-CP

Hi, I am pretty deep into the college selection process, now down to my final schools (Penn State and UMD). I love them both and was wondering if anybody who either attends one of the two schools or is simply very knowledgeable about them could tell me about the student life, any similarities or differences they may know of, etc. Also, I am planning on studying biology, since I want to attend med school in the future, and wanted to know which school would be better for my major. Thanks!


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9 months ago

Penn State has a bad reputation because of the excessive amount of drinking that goes on over there. Penn is quite good academically, though. However, It's also in the middle of nowhere. Maryland has a better reputation and is ranked a little higher on US News World Report. Penn State is #95 in biology, while Maryland is #101, according to Niche. I would say there is better student life at Penn State, but that comes with a lot of blackout frat parties. I would choose Maryland, but it's ultimately your decision. We could have different motives when it comes to college, so don't take my word on it. Good luck with deciding!


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