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UCLA prospective students

Introducing Priya - UCLA 2020 Grad

Welcome to the UCLA prospective student community 🎉 This is a place for students hoping to learn more about UCLA and connect with other potential applicants.

@PriyaDesai graduated from UCLA in 2020 and majored in psychology. She’ll be available in this community to answer questions about UCLA.

There are a few easy ways to participate:

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Hey!! Psychology is a really cool major - what course requirements were there to graduate?

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Hey @bookworm – Great question! Can you please submit it in a question post directly through the community? Click "create a post" at the top of the UCLA community page! This way you it will stay organized an you will be more likely to get a fast answer. Thanks!!


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HI i'm a international student from india..my grades are as follows(cbse board..idk what gpa is that)




12th-92%(predicted score)


1)studied web development with javascript from upenn(certificate-https://courses.edx.org/certificates/6d04640abcfb4ffe83046ed289f4bd8c)

2)created a user friendly,non laggy website in just 6 months(ready for deplyoment.. looking for a free deployer so that i can show to the uni)

3)tech head across all school branches (10th grade) (i used to upload the e content for all classes)

4)taught maths and English at an ngo for about 1.5 years(9th,10th)

5)worked at a computer repair shop where i used to build custom pcs(built 30+ custom pcs)(11th)

6)president of my student council(10th)

7)part of the Delhi state volleyball team

I had spinal tuberculosis in grade 11th grade due to which i scored low and planning to answer insight questions around this.

what are my chances of getting into UCLA??


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