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10 months ago
UCLA prospective students

Computer Science A level subject requirements


I am currently residing in Singapore and am doing my A-levels. I wish to apply to undergraduate computer science course but am not able to locate the subject and grade requirements for my particular course. I am also doubtful whether I should take further math or not. Could someone please help me out on whether further math is required as well as what subjects are required for admission into computer science through A levels.


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1 answer

9 months ago

Hi there! I answered this question in another community, but to reiterate, most schools do not have specific course requirements to apply, as long as you had a pretty standard high school curriculum. You can even apply undeclared to most colleges, including UCLA, and your choice of major usually doesn't impact your chances unless you need to apply to a specific school within the college. Here's UCLA's policy:

It will help if you take the most advanced STEM courses available to you, as you'll be more prepared for the major and this will reiterate your interest in the major.


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