7 months ago
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I have a 28 ACT score and above a 4.0 GPA, does my GPA help me get accepted?

I plan to retake the ACT and aim for a 30+, but in case I don't reach that goal, would my 28 ACT score be too low to be accepted? Or will my GPA (Roughly 4.1 currently. I am a Junior) be high enough to get in?

Thank you!


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7 months ago

While your current ACT is below the average for UCLA students, you should be able to raise it in time for admissions if you continue studying. Your GPA is good too. While your stats do matter and it's important to improve them over time, they're mostly just used as a benchmark and aren't all too important if they're not perfect 36's or 4.0. The real problem is that a lot of people can get +30 ACT scores and 4.0 GPAs. This is why extracurriculars, awards, and essays are so essential to your application because they market you as a person that UCLA would want in their community. Do you have any special "spike" in your application, something that you're good at and passionate about? Can you expand on that during the summer before sending in your college application to boost how attractive you could be as a prospective student? I personally struggle in this area as I have lots of interests but little specialization, so if you can, focus more on improving your extracurriculars


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