7 months ago
UCLA prospective students

Is UCLA Admission Hard

Like I do not have a 3.0 GPA. So i was wondering

1. Is UCLA Very Selective

2. Is UCLA Test-Optional

3. What grades are needed in High School to have a good chance at UCLA


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2 answers

7 months ago

1. UCLA is highly selective. The acceptance rate for UCLA is 12.3%. They received around 139,500 freshman applications for fall 2021.

2. UCLA and all other UC's as well won't be looking at SAT or ACT scores to determine admission. Your test scores will have no impact on your admission but they can help with placements, so it's best to submit them if you get high scores.

3. The average unweighted GPA for UCLA is 3.9 so you need to get A's in almost all your classes.

UCLA is a very difficult school to get into. I don't know if your GPA is above a 3.0 or below but please do more research on the school in order to determine whether or it's worth applying.

6 months ago

The admission requirements for UCLA are at least a 3.0 GPA. UCLA is also highly selective. UCs are often called the "public Ivies".


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