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Not well rounded in Ec's

I cam here five years ago, went to middle school and didn't really thought about college, I tried to volunteer, participate in school clubs, which only lasted for days because of both family responsibilities and lack of transportation. Now, I'm applying to UC colleges through their applications, and all the essays prompt are about leadership, volunteer, and what makes me stand out. I couldn't volunteer, so there's no leadership I could talk about nor about volunteering, tho I did volunteer for a couple weeks at a close library. Also I don't think I have anything that makes me stand out, there's that removing three out of eight prompts.

I do have some significant changes in my life, and educational barriers, but it's just those, and they are looking for four. The remaining prompt, doesn't really apply to me, because like I said earlier, I couldn't explore, but I took some art class and did some projects, and art show, not sure if that counts. What should I do?


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Do not worry! Try to clarify this problem you encountered in your essays, and I'm sure your admissions officer will completely understand. One suggestion can be to discuss the leadership you took on when you had certain family responsibilities. The goal is to dig deep! Find something that can slightly to the prompt, even if it is small. Think creatively.


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