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I read that honors program is only for the college of letters and science, and since that's where I want to be, how can one apply for the college honors program. Is it during the UC application or when? I looked through their website and watched the videos but it was still confusing.


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You're right, their website definitely could do a better job of making this information more clear. I struggled to find anything as well. I'll make sure you get an answer from someone more familiar with UCLA but here is my best guess using information I found here: https://admission.ucla.edu/apply/freshman

According to that link admission decisions for UCLA are released in late March. AFTER decisions are released the next deadline is May 1 which includes "Deadline to submit your enrollment deposit and applications for on-campus housing and the UCLA College Honors Program" which makes me believe you apply after you are accepted into the school. However, I want to double check this and I will make sure to edit my answer with any information I learn.

EDIT: Here's some more info I learned - some might be a repeat from above!

I was correct in assuming you apply for the Honors Program after you are accepted but before you enroll into the school. You do need to qualify since there are separate GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. If you do the school will reach out to you. I believe the application is fairly basic and mostly consists of an essay.

While you are right that The Honors College is only for the College of Letters and Science there are departmental honors for most (maybe all) majors and certain colleges have their own honor societies. And just as a "so you are aware" point: joining this program doesn't boost your GPA, give you priority selection for classes, or anything like that. You're basically able to take specialized Honors courses

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