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UCLA prospective students

Is it worth applying to UCLA?

I hate to admit this but my UW GPA is trash and I mean barely over 3.0. I had a really tough time freshman and beginning of sophomore year and it really upsets me because I have worked my butt off since then. While some people tell me to discuss what I went through: family deaths, mental illness, bullying and more, others tell me I will just look like I'm asking for pity and will be thrown out almost immediately. My stats are No APs, 6 honors, over 40 college classes, W GPA 4.5, and lots of extracurriculars. I am not asking to be chanced so much as is it worth applying even. I am really stressed out about this and it genuinely bothers me. Thank You!

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29 days ago

From my observations, UCLA seems to be a unique school in that it places a huge emphasis on potential. I know this is a common theme for many schools, but I've seen it with UCLA particularly. When seeing what schools people get accepted to, something interesting to me is that for a lot of people, they are either admitted to UCLA and not many other schools, or they are admitted to many other schools but not UCLA. In this regard, I think that you absolutely have a chance. You demonstrated your ability to improve, which is the main factor in identifying potential. The most important thing is that you showed a massive upward trend in your schoolwork, and I'm sure admissions officers will be as impressed by your course load as I am.

As for discussing what you went through, you should absolutely mention your circumstances on your application. Admissions officers want to know these things! If they see how hard you have worked and that you are capable of such amazing academic achievements, they are likely going to wonder what happened in the beginning of your academic career, and you shouldn't leave them hanging.

Did you happen to speak to a counselor or therapist or anyone in your freshman and sophomore year? I mention this because I had a rough time last semester and my grades slipped because of it, but I spoke with my guidance counselor a lot during this time and she has offered to mention those circumstances in her letter of recommendation for me. It isn't necessary, you'll be fine just self-reporting your circumstances, but I think if possible getting a letter from another perspective wouldn't hurt.

To wrap it up, you should absolutely apply to UCLA! Good luck :)

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the minimum gpa for UCLA is a 3.0. So it can be worth it to try. If you have an amazing essay, recommendations and extracurriculars then why not?

20 days ago

the minimum UC requirement is 3.0, and as far as GPA goes they will only look at your A-G courses from 10th and 11th grade. They really emphasize a holistic view of your application, and if you mention your struggles as part of the additional information and/or your essay, you shouldn't be too bad off. one thing I would say is to not make your essay a pity party. make it your own, which is the most important thing and emphasize how you've grown from the experiences. like you said, you've worked hard, so make sure to emphasize that you've gotten to where you are DESPITE the circumstances. AOs are not mindless robots, they won't throw your app out if they see a hint of you discussing your struggles. best of luck to you!


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