9 months ago
UCLA prospective students

Will I have a shot as an international student?

UCLA has always been one of my dream schools but I'm unsure if my application is strong enough. The only problem I have is classes, in my country high schoolers can't choose their classes and both APs and honors don't exist, I've tried contacting the college board asking if there is any way for me to take AP exams in my country but they just gave me an autogenerated reply without a real answer :/ . The only "optional" class my school has is an advanced maths class that I can take starting from 10th grade (which I will start taking next year since my current maths grade is high enough) but I'm not sure if that can be enough.

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9 months ago

Hi! As long as you are taking the highest level classes your school offers and are doing well in them too, you should be good. Colleges understand that some schools do not offer AP or honors classes, especially in regards to international students. You can explain this in the additional information section of your application! Best of luck to you! :)


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