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does ucla provides merit based scholarships to international students??

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3 months ago

Short answer: no

Long answer: they offer a maximum of $5000 to a very very small number of students every year but $5000 when fees are like 70k+ is not really that considerable and they're near impossible to get. However, some independent institutions and donors offer aid. In my country, there is a full scholarship exclusively for Duke/UNC Chapel Hill though they don't offer aid (200k for 4 years) but again these are really hard to get and dependant on what country you're in and personal details (race, gender, FGLI status, etc)

3 months ago

Hi there @shreyansh,

Unfortunately, UCLA does not offer merit scholarships or financial aid if you are neither a citizen nor a permanent resident of the U.S. You can learn more in the Financial Information section of this page: https://admission.ucla.edu/apply/international-applicants


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