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Need Help With UC Application!

Hello all. So, I have done a very good job of procrastinating the UC application this year, and I need some help (specifically with the grade reporting section).

I'm from Arizona, and I have taken a number of Dual Enrollment courses through my local community college. I understand that these classes must be reported in the "College Courses" section, and that I am to remove these from my "High School Courses" report.

The issue is, about half of these dual enrollment courses were also AP classes (i.e. AP Lang was also taken as ENG 101 through dual enrollment).

My question is, do I still have to remove those courses even if they were AP classes? Do I remove them from the College Courses section and keep them in high school? Is that even an option?

I guess I could always report the AP classes in the extra comments area at the end. I'm just not very educated in the way UC wants these classes distinguished. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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This is a great question and definitely a tricky situation. I would go off what your transcript states. If your transcript explicitly states that you completed AP Lang, then AP Lang should be reported in the high school courses section as it is a high school level course. If you have documentation that you also completed ENG 101 through a dual enrollment program, then ENG 101 should be included in the college courses section as it is a college-level course. In this particular case, I would base it on what your transcript states you have completed and place those courses in their respective sections.

I would also recommend reaching out to any UC Admissions Officer via email!


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