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Will my math grades ruin my chances?

I am currently a sophomore doing the IGCSE curriculum (outside of the US). I currently have 2 Cs and a D. My GPA is 3.7. My strongest subjects being economics and english. Should I still put UCLA on my list? Or should I not bother? I am considering majoring in Communications or Political Science.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi there @crsia,

Thanks for your question! Non-residents of the US who apply to the UC system are advised to have a minimum GPA of 3.4 in their A-G courses. You can read more about what A-G courses are and the GPA requirements for applicants on the UC website.

Also, the 3.7 you currently have could change when the admissions officers create your 'UC GPA'. They do this by recalculating your grades according to a system that factors in course rigor and subject (most colleges do this in some form). The UCs are transparent about how they perform this recalculation; to get a better idea of your chances, you can learn how to do this recalculation yourself from this post.

I'd plug this recalculated GPA into our chancing calculator and look your chances over again. Hopefully that helps you make a decision! Another piece of advice I have is that if you apply to UCLA, it's the same application to apply to any of the other UCs and applying once you've filled out the information and essays for one campus is as simple as checking a box. I highly recommend you look into other UCs as well if you're already filling out the application.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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