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How to improve UCLA film chances?

Hi, I heard that the UCLA film program is very prestigious and selective, so I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how to increase the possibility of getting in. I have like a 3.7ish gpa (would it look better if I raised this?), haven't taken the sat and act yet, I've gotten a 4 on AP Psych & Gov, founder and president of my school's film club, president of national thespian honor society, president of student body, I'm writing a kids book rn, a media blog & yt channel, vice president of a mental health centered nonprofit, and I'm apart of my county's youth committee for the count execs. What should I do to show more dedicated interest? I get that a lot of it also relies on skill, but I'm taking IB HL Film and IB HL Art next year, so I'll gather all the film making skills needed, but does anyone have any other ideas for things I could do on a greater skill? When I turn the required age to start taking credited classes at my local community college I have things planned for that, like taking credit film and acting classes (Will UC schools like this?). I'm currently writing a script for my town's film festival, but I'm not really sure what else I could do, and film has been my dream for a long time so I'm kinda paranoid about not getting into UC schools, especially UCLA. I'm out of state btw, I live on the east coast. Thank you!


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2 years ago

Hi there @julieloolie,

These are some really impressive extracurriculars! It seems like you have solid experience in your field of choice (film), and are developing it into a spike through various related activities. If possible, I would document your various activities and projects somewhere, like a website that can serve as an online portfolio. You can also improve your current ECs by focusing on reaching certain metric thresholds for your book, blog, and YouTube channel. I think community college courses will also be a worthwhile effort. If there's a specific area within film or genre that you are leaning towards, I recommend you delve into this further as it will give you a more pointed narrative as well.

It's also a good idea to maintain and work on your non-film-related ECs to demonstrate some well-roundedness, though you should focus on building your spike in film.

Hope this helps! Great job so far and good luck on getting into TFT!

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