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UCLA prospective students

anyone applied to UCLA School of Nursing as a freshman?

Hello, I am a rising senior who is applying to UCLA's School of Nursing this fall. I heard the program has a 2% acceptance rate and it is extremely competitive. I just wanted to know how the application process goes on. I am also in need of suggestions of what to write in my statement of purpose for their supplemental application. I also need questions about the format in turning in your resume.


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2 years ago

Not sure if you're in or out of state, but I would definitely email your representative from UCLA. (On the UCLA website, there will be a directory. Find your geographic location, and there will be an admissions officer assigned to you. Send them an email. They are also the first people to view your application so it is good to reach out to them anyway!) They can generally give you stats about the average GPA/SAT, etc, of student admitted into the nursing program-- even specific to in our out of state candidates, depending on which one you are. Generally the email back within the week with good details, links, and other resources.

As for the supplemental application, I would look up examples on the internet and use them as inspiration. I bet the college representative would also give you some resources or tips on the supplemental application if you asked.

Also, most schools are doing webinars/live streams on admission tips...see if you can find a UCLA nursing specific one, and usually, they have actual admission panelists running them! I found them very helpful, as I attended some webinars for my top schools.

Hope this helped!


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