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What can I do for ECON?

Hi I'm Ari, an aspiring applied econ major.

I'm currently a 10th grader and here are some of my predicted stats for the end of high school:

4.0 unweighted GPA - 4.5 weighted GPA

10 AP classes taken (including macro and micro)

1570 SAT, (my current SAT is at 1520)

no ACT

My extracurriculars/activities include the following:

1) Tae Kwon Do (Recognized in Korea)

2) President of 1 Club, Vice President of 2 Clubs (also founded some of these clubs)

3) I operate a popular volunteering/psychology program at my school.

4) Hospital front desk volunteer, I help with the stroke patients and discharges too

5) Math Tutoring for other highschoolers + math teacher's assistant

6) I own and manage the student run podcast for my school.

7) Seeds business that I recently started with my friend.

8) Just Hobbies: Volleyball, Piano, Boy Scouts

And I plan to pursue and complete some of these additional awards in the future:

1) President Service Gold Award (will complete this year)

2) National Economics Challenge Awards

3) FBLA Data Analysis

What else can I do to look more impressive going into UCLA, or any other top school, as an econ major? Thanks!

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