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Hi! For UCLA, are there specific extracurriculars that stand out to admissions officers? I'm interested in science/engineering majors and would love to know how I can improve my extracurriculars list. Currently I'm taking an engineering design class at my local college after school, I'm a Gold Award Girl Scout, I'm in NHS, CSF, NSHSS, and also a competitive dancer. Are there any extracurriculars that I could add to make my application more well-rounded? Thanks! :)

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Hi! By the way, I think it's awesome that you want to pursue science and engineering. I think the extracurriculars you've listed in your post are pretty good, but having activities related to your intended major would definitely benefit your application. A suggestion I have would be to join or start a club related to science and engineering. Another thing that would be good to look into would be internships and research opportunities. I hope my comment helps, and good luck!

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