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Good Extracurricular Ideas?

So, while I'm a good student, my extracurriculars are a bit lacking. At the moment, they are:

- Theater (I do 2-4 shows a year, and recently I have been primarily getting leads, such as Anna in Frozen, Matron Mama Morton in Chicago, and Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz)

- Tae Kwon Do (I got my first degree Black Belt in March)

- Tutoring (I tutor once/twice a week in math, especially multiplication + division)

- Volunteering (I have gained over 110 volunteer hours since the summer before my freshman year, but only 20 (I think?) are documented)

- Debate Club (only met for one semester)

- D&D Club

- Creative Writing (I submit my writing to competitions somewhat rarely, but I write/draft novels regularly, however none have every come to completion)

I want to major in psychology, maybe double major in something else, but I'm not quite sure. What are some good extracurriculars I could pursue or participate in to up my chances of being admitted to UCLA?


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12 days ago

Psychology has a strong emphasis on understanding social settings and engaging with the community; it seems you're already part of a lot of social clubs and have a lot of volunteering hours, so I wouldn't worry too much about it (especially since you're doing good in theatre).

What you could try to do is try and participate more in the clubs you're already in (i.e. becoming the Secretary of the Debate Club or becoming President of the D&D Club) It's great to be part of clubs, but it looks even better if you take the extra step and lead the extracurricular activity you're apart of.

Lastly, you could also establish your own Psychology Club! You and your classmates can fundraise for mental health groups or volunteer for mental health organizations nearby. It helps with your major, and since it's something you like to do, it shouldn't take too much time away from your academic life.

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