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Any advice for the best possible chance for getting into Upenn? What kind of people do they look for? And what kind of person should not attend this school? Also, any advice on ECs are welcome.

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Like many schools, there is not one “type” of person that Penn admits. They aim to build a diverse class in regards to race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, perspectives etc. Furthermore, Penn is composed of four undergraduate colleges and each one will look for slightly different academic, intellectual, and personal interests. With that in mind, the majority of students at Penn are driven (by varying motivators…) and there is an overarching “work hard play hard” ethos. A lot of students are pre-med or studying business but there is certainly an undercurrent of students who share a different mentality and have other academic/intellectual passions. I would say there are a two tenets of Penn’s philosophy that they want to see reflected in an applicant’s profile. The first is that they are committed to applying theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to the material world. Penn calls this “service to society.” The second is a demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary learning, or drawing from two or more academic disciplines to think critically and creatively.

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Hi Lucia!! I’ve heard that the best way to get into these type of schools is to really try to have a wow factor, or something that will distinguish you from other applicants while also showing your personal skills. One example could be being the captain of a soccer team or winning first in a science fair. Hope it helps :)


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