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How significant is graduating class size when colleges look at your application?

Anyone know if coming from a small or large graduating class has an impact on your college app? I attend Jenks and the class sizes are huge - will colleges consider that in my app?

7 months ago

Hello! It's a great question, and the size of your graduating class does indeed come into play during the admissions process, although it's not a major factor. When colleges review your application, they're looking at context. Being from a large school like Jenks, admissions officers understand that class rank and opportunities may be more competitive due to the sheer number of students. For instance, becoming valedictorian or president of a club at a school of 2000 students is quite different from achieving the same at a school with 200 graduates.

Colleges receive a school profile along with your application, which gives context about your school, such as size, course offerings, and grading scales. This information helps admissions officers evaluate your achievements within the specific context of your school environment. While the class size is not a direct factor for your admission, it provides background that can impact how your academic performance, class rank, and extracurricular involvement are viewed. So, rest assured, colleges will consider the nature of your high school environment when evaluating your application. Focus on excelling within your given context; that's what really matters!

7 months ago

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