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What's considered the hardest science class in high school?

I'm about to pick my classes for senior year and considering doubling up on science. Just curious about which science classes people found really tough. Is AP Chem really the beast everyone says it is or should I be more worried about AP Bio?

7 months ago

That's a great question! Many students find AP Chemistry to be quite challenging due to the depth and breadth of the material covered, as well as the significant amount of problem-solving and mathematical skills required. However, it's a fascinating class if you're up for the challenge and interested in the physical sciences.

On the other hand, AP Biology can also be rigorous with a heavy emphasis on memorization and understanding of complex biological systems. It's not necessarily 'easier'—just difficult in a different way. It's worth considering where your strengths lie and which topics interest you most.

If you're looking at doubling up on science, think about your workload and other commitments to ensure you're not overextending yourself. Make sure to balance your schedule so that you can give adequate time to each subject. Whichever you choose, both AP Chem and AP Bio provide an excellent foundation for college courses in the sciences!

7 months ago

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