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Do colleges care if your high school uses a weighted or unweighted GPA system?

Junior here getting a bit stressed about GPA stuff. My high school uses a weighted GPA system, and I'm not sure how colleges view this. How do they compare students from different high schools with different systems? Should I be explaining this somewhere in my application, or do they figure it out on their end? Would appreciate any insights or experiences you all might have!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's completely understandable to feel a bit stressed about GPA and how it's interpreted by colleges. Rest assured, admissions officers are very familiar with the variety of grading systems used by high schools. They frequently deal with weighted, unweighted, and even more unconventional GPA systems. Colleges will often recalculate your GPA to their own scale anyways to ensure a fair comparison between applicants. Most institutions also receive a profile of your high school that describes the grading system, which helps them put your GPA into context.

You generally do not need to explain your school's system in your application; admissions officers are skilled at interpreting your transcript based on your school profile. However, if there is something particularly unique about your school's grading system, your school counselor might mention it in their recommendation letter or school report. The important part is that you challenge yourself with rigorous courses, as admissions officers are looking for course rigor and how well you've done in that context. Keep focusing on doing your best, and good luck!

7 months ago

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