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Are calculators allowed during CLEP exams?

Hi all, I’m a bit confused about the calculator policy for CLEP exams. I’m gearing up to take a few tests and not sure if I should be practicing with or without one. Does anyone know if they allow calculators, especially for the STEM subjects like Chem?

7 months ago

I can understand why you'd want some clarity regarding the use of calculators for CLEP exams, especially for subjects that typically require calculations. For most CLEP exams, calculators are not allowed. However, for certain STEM subject exams such as Chemistry, College Board does provide an on-screen calculator during the test. It's important to practice with the on-screen calculator provided by the College Board on their website to become familiar with its functionality prior to your test date.

The College Board's CLEP website provides specific information about the calculator policy for each subject exam, so that would be a valuable resource to check for the most current and detailed information. Good luck with your studies and upcoming exams!

7 months ago

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