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Procedure to Cancel a CLEP Exam?

Life happened and I need to cancel my upcoming CLEP exam. Can anyone guide me through the process? I've never had to cancel a standardized test before and I'm slightly freaking out.

7 months ago

First of all, don’t worry—these situations are common and can be resolved. To cancel your CLEP exam, you'll need to contact the test center where you scheduled your exam. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid any potential late cancellation fees or general complications.

If you've registered through the College Board website, check your registration ticket for specific cancellation policies and contact information for the test center. Remember to also check if there’s an email or a form on the College Board website explaining how to go about cancellations. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the employees at your test center and the CLEP customer service are there to assist you.

Some centers may offer refunds, but if you've already been preparing for this exam, consider rescheduling for a future date when life is a bit more settled so that your efforts don't go to waste—some centers allow you to reschedule for a later date, especially if you inquire early enough. In the future, just to be prepared, keep an eye on the cancellation deadline to minimize any potential financial loss.

Good luck with cancelling your test!

7 months ago

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