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Reasons students skip class – how does this affect college admissions?

Not to rat anyone out, but I've noticed a pretty high amount of class skipping at my school. I'm curious about the reasons behind this, but I'm also wondering how colleges view absences. If someone has a record of skipping class, does that become a part of their application? Do colleges check attendance records, or is it more about the grades and activities?

7 months ago

The reasons students skip classes can vary widely, from personal or family issues, to lack of engagement with the school material, to social conflicts, to simply wanting a break. Absenteeism can indeed impact college admissions, but not necessarily because colleges will see a detailed attendance record. Typically, colleges do not have direct access to a student's attendance records when reviewing applications. They focus more on the academic transcript and extracurricular involvement.

However, habitual skipping can lead to declines in academic performance and less involvement in school activities, both of which are critical components of a strong college application. In addition to some teachers directly factoring attendance into their grades, skipping class means you'll know the material less well, and thus likely perform worse on assignments, and poor grades for any reason certainly raise red flags for admissions committees, as they suggest a lack of commitment or discipline.

Additionally, teachers are often asked to provide recommendations, and a student’s engagement and participation (or lack thereof) is typically highlighted in these letters. It’s best for students to attend class regularly, not only for their own learning, but also to maintain a strong academic record and showcase their commitment for colleges.

7 months ago

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