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How do I reschedule a CLEP exam?

Hey all, I'm in a bit of a pinch here. I've got a CLEP exam scheduled soon, but something important came up and there's no way I can make the test date. Life gets messy, and I don't want to lose my registration fee or miss out on this opportunity. Can anyone guide me through the process of rescheduling a CLEP exam? Are there any costs or penalties I should be aware of?

7 months ago

I understand your concern about needing to reschedule your CLEP exam and how important it is to preserve both your registration fee and your preparation efforts. Rescheduling your CLEP exam is certainly possible. You'll need to contact the CLEP services or log into the My Account registration portal provided by the College Board to begin the process.

Typically, if you reschedule at least 24 hours before your original appointment, you should be able to select a new test date without forfeiting your fee. However, there might be a modest administrative fee for rescheduling. This fee can vary, so it's best to check the latest from the CLEP website or get in touch with their customer service directly for the most accurate information.

Remember to reschedule as soon as you can to avoid additional costs or the risk of losing your fee. And, moving forward, consider scheduling CLEP exams at times when you’re less likely to have conflicts to reduce the need to reschedule, or to note the deadlines for rescheduling without a fee, so that if something does come up, you won't have to deal with any financial consequences.

Best of luck with your exam, and remember, it’s a wise decision to earn those college credits through the CLEP program!

7 months ago

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